8″ S-Shaped Quarter Stick


  • S-shaped
  • 8 inches long
  • 1/4″ square socket and magnetic bit drives
  • Made of chrome vanadium steel
  • 5 degree return angle
  • Robust and durable
  • Fine-tooth ratchet mechanism


  • This ¼” square and magnetic bit drive ratchet allows easy access around obstructions
  • Designed to need as little as 5° to move fasteners versus 30° for standard ratchet
  • Great for exhaust work, body work, and dashboards
  • Forged from chrome vanadium steel for additional strength
  • Thin profile is designed for professional use

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If you’ve ever had an obstruction you wished your ratchet could articulate around, EZRED has designed the solution for you. The 4SS8 S-Shaped Quarter Stick’s compact design allows easy access inside tight corners. Featuring a long, slim, 8-inch shaft, this tool is perfect for fitting into tight clearances where a standard ratchet just won’t go, giving you the right amount of leverage needed to get the job done. Work confidently knowing this high-polish ratchet is forged from chrome vanadium steel—perfect for exhaust work, body work, dashboards, motorcycles, inside fan cowls, and hundreds of other hard-to-reach areas. With a 1/4 ‘’ square socket and magnetic bit drive, this tool works for most general-purpose fastener-driving. Unlike standard ratchets which require a 30 degree return angle, the S-Ratchet requires only 5 degrees to move fasteners. When there is little to no room under the hood, trust the EZRED S-Ratchet to give you the performance you need.

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