MAGMAT Flexible Magnetic Organizational Mat

MAGMAT is a multi-purpose flexible magnetic tool organizer that holds parts and tools to any curved or tilted ferrous surface. Perfect for virtually any angled surface you may find yourself working on, the MAGMAT is made of ultra-flexible TPEE that will fold, bend, or roll any way you need it to; whilst always returning to its original shape. Never lose a 10mm socket again as the MAGMAT’s strong neodymium magnets hold tools, hammers, wrenches, sockets, drill bits, nuts, bolts, and whatever else you might be working with. Save countless hours and stress walking back and forth between your toolbox and work area. Roll your tools up in the MAGMAT and bring them along with you. With its low ¼” profile, feel confident working in tight spaces or keep your tools organized in your tool drawer. High visibility means never losing small screws, springs, washers, or other small hardware while repairing or servicing power tools, electronics, lawnmowers ever again. The MAGMAT is the perfect organizational tool for not only mechanics, electricians, and plumbers but also work great for DIY’ers and weekend warriors too!

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• Ultra-Flexible This mat will fold, bend, or roll any way you need it to; always returning to its original shape. Keep tools organized while working on any curved or angled ferrous surface as well.

• Strong Embedded Magnets: Stick this to virtually any ferrous surface and tools will stick to it. Prevents tools from moving around in the tool-box drawer or on the tool cart. The grid of magnets helps you stay organized chronologically as you disassemble as well.

• Non-Marring TPEE Material: This unique TPEE design is built to be used in all work and storage areas without worry of the holder scratching or denting surfaces.

• Any-tool, anywhere: This mat keeps tools accessible and organized anywhere you are working.

• Low-profile, with a large surface area: Less than ¼ inch tall, this mat will fit in tight spaces and is great for storage. Dimensions: 8.75in long x 5.5in wide x .19in thick

• Easy to clean: Soap and water will do the trick.

• High Visibility: Never lose a 10mm socket again. This mat comes in high visibility red so your tools are easy to find.

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